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Photo: Sverre Hjoernevik
Photo: Sverre Hjoernevik


Fulfill your bucket list with SAS Dreams

Most of us have a bucket list, or at least a dream we would love to fulfill one day. But how do we actually make it happen? That question ultimately led to the development of SAS Dreams, where you have the chance to turn your fantasies into reality.

This tailor-made concept offers SAS EuroBonus members truly unique experiences, those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that money just can’t buy.

This year, loyal members will experience a wide range of SAS-designed dreams. One group flew to the US in March to meet the stars of the New York Rangers. The annual SXSW interactive festival in Austin, Texas proved to be a big draw, while this month’s offer, in conjunction with Hurtigruten, sees a group traveling to the north of Norway for a breathtaking randonnée ski touring experience.

Take your pick – NHL hockey or a China marathon.

Meanwhile, the classic car weekend in Birmingham, where travelers can stay in a castle and test drive vintage automobiles through picturesque English countryside villages, sold out in just two hours, and there’s already a waiting list of more than 30 people for the next potential one! For the energetic among you, you could fly to Beijing and run a marathon along the Great Wall of China.

“We know that the leisure market is growing and our members say that they would like to explore and enjoy new experiences at different destinations, both within Scandinavia and further afield, in groups or individually. We want to make that happen,” says Oddrun Cecilie Svegaarden, Head of SAS Dreams.

“We would also like to offer more for the corporate market. For companies it’s important to develop employees and let them attend different global events and conferences. On top of that, customized study trips and visits to global brands all over the world are growing trends we’re seeing in the business sector, and we’re in an ideal position to offer such special experiences,” she adds.

The SAS Dreams program is flexible in terms of numbers, destinations and experiences, from personal individual ambitions, to weddings, anniversaries and other special family occasions, right through to large scale corporate events. And it isn’t just for Scandinavians – members outside the Nordic region will also have the opportunity to discover what makes this part of the world so special in other offers planned in future.

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