Barber Peter Mannerstål’s tips for groomin products.
Barber Peter Mannerstål’s tips for groomin products.


Get Grooming –the stuff you need

Here’s what you need to keep your hair, no matter whether it’s on your face or your head, in tip-top shape.

Barber Peter Mannerstål’s tips

Beard Balm from Mr. Bear Family
This Swedish-owned company makes products specifically for the beard, from balms, oils, and creams to mustache waxes and combs.


Baxter of California
They have a whole line of men’s skin care and grooming products, from face and under-the-eye cream to shampoos and hair pomades.


This line of Italian beard products, from pre-shaving cream to shaving cream, soap, shaving brushes, and aftershave, is excellent.


Capt. Fawcett Limited Beard Oil
An old-school line of beard products.


Barber Mitch Subic’s tips

Benjamin Barber Beard Oil Oak
This product is great, and the Mr. Bear Family Beard Brew Wilderness is a bit cheaper but a big seller. A beard oil hydrates the skin and helps soften and tame beard hair. The ideal beard should look shiny and groomed – not dusty, flaky or shaggy. Apply it right after washing your face.


Fashion Waves 07 Sea Salt Spray by Redken
Almost every man prefers his hair when it feels like he just stepped out of the ocean. It gives the hair a textured and matte finish. The sea salt is a must-have, whether you have short or long hair.



Barber Chrisitan Quaglia’s tips

The Organic Oil Company
This Swedish company has oil for the face, hair, and body. I love their products and will start selling them in my store soon. They are a company specialized in organic, handcrafted skin care products. When it comes to products, beard oil is how it started. It is a great product – you can feel the difference, and it adds shine to your hair. The other trend is that people demand products that are organic and paraben-free.


L:a Bruket
The hand soap can also be used in the shower. There is one fragrance with cucumber that is really nice.


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