Gothenburg is at the top of the social city list. Photo: Shutterstock
Gothenburg is at the top of the social city list. Photo: Shutterstock


Gothenburg and Stockholm are the most sociable cities in the world

According to a major study made by global hostel booking site Hostelworld, Scandinavian cities are among the most sociable in the world. Gothenburg and Stockholm are the top two cities and Copenhagen is found as number 6 on the list.

The study, the first ever comparative study of the social life of world cities, analysed the social behaviour and attitudes of 12,188 residents from 39 major cities in 28 countries, looking at ten categories of sociability – which cover how residents socialise, as well as their general openness to others – of more than 12,000 big-city-dwellers worldwide. 

The findings come as social travel is on the rise with more young travellers prioritising destinations based on the social experience rather than the cultural experience.

“Social travel experiences are a driving force behind people’s reason to travel. Young travelers are choosing to stay in hostels because of the opportunity to meet other travelers, and for the social People are social in Copenhagen. Photo: Shutterstockenvironment and spontaneous adventures that come along with it”, said  Marek Mossakowski, Global Head of Brand at Hostelworld.

The Scandinavian cities – Gothenburg, Stockholm and Copenhagen – top the cities that are the most ‘socially minded’ and put the most importance on what’s good for the wider community as opposed to the individual.
Similarly, the Scandinavian countries – Stockholm, Copenhagen and Gothenburg (in order) – are the most liberal with thinking about other people’s lifestyles, including attitudes towards cohabitation and sexuality.

Copenhagen is the city that enjoys entertaining at home the most, and is also one of the most socially tolerant cities, meaning that the residents of Copenhagen may be the world’s best dinner party hosts.

Notably absent from the top of the tables are some of the great European cities, including Paris, Berlin and London. Despite all three having vibrant social scenes, the local residents of each simply don’t socialise as often as those in other global cities, viewing social occasions as special events rather than something done daily. Affordability of socialising out of the home, transport issues and even a lack of leisure time are also significant factors.


Source: Hostelworld

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