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 Photo: Hans Kristian Krogh-Hanssen
Photo: Hans Kristian Krogh-Hanssen


How to pack for a Norwegian hike

Most people consider August and the Norwegian fall to be the best time to go mountain hiking in Norway. The temperatures are the most suitable then, the midges have disappeared and the nature is at its most beautiful.

But even at the height of summer, sleet and snow can fall in the higher mountains, and the conditions can be wintry in spring and fall too. In fall, it can snow at altitudes of 1,000–2,000m. It is important when you are packing a backpack for a Norwegian mountain hike to therefore find out in advance something about the local conditions, and pack accordingly. 

If there is likely to be snow, it is important to pack warm and waterproof, wicking layers. But it is equally important to balance what you take. Avoid packing too much and only take what you need. If you have light equipment and a light backpack, your trip will be far more comfortable and fun.

What you should bring

Jacket and pants

Thin, water-resistant windbreaker with hood and dry pants. Both with good wicking properties.

Light base layer in wool

As a fabric, wool keeps you warm even when wet, but remember to take a spare set. If fine weather is forecast, take a T-shirt and shorts.


Thick wool-rich. Pack a spare pair and don’t forget plasters in case of blisters.

Fleece top

Or a warm top in lightweight technical wool. Can be used as an intermediate layer if required. 


Always take a hat. Keeping your head warm is important.

Hiking boots

Having proper footwear is  extremely important for an enjoyable hiking experience. Sturdy boots with good ankle support and good grip are recommended.


Use a backpack that is the right size for what you are taking, not too big or too small. 

Waterproof bag

Use one that fits inside your backpack. You can pack a first aid kit, WC paper, waterproof matches, midge deterrent and sunscreen in this. Don’t forget sunglasses either. 

Small headlamp

And a pocketknife or Swiss Army knife.

Food and drink

Enough for the day, plus a vacuum flask with a hot drink.

Map and compass

Even if you don’t intend to stray from the marked trail, a map is a safety measure.

Text: Hans Kristian Krogh-Hanssen

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