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Gadgets for the ski trail

The goal is to push the boundaries, 
and to go long, oh, so long. So long, cruel world.

Cross-country music?

On a long trek, music or an audiobook will help you get into the rhythm of things. B&O’s Play H3 earphones make listening a pleasure. Plus, they weigh just 12.8g and look great.
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Pole position

It’s all well and good having world-class skis but you need the poles to go with them. Swedish champion Charlotte Kalla recently switched to One Way’s -Premio HD poles.

Some like it hot

Your hot drinks will stay hot inside the Thermaluxe, Polar Bottle’s stainless steel water bottle. The dual-wall -insulated design keeps your drink hot (or cold, for that matter) for at least six hours.

Let there be light

Cut through poor visibility with this neat waterproof headlamp equipped with three different LED lights.

Trekking device

Here’s a gadget that measures, counts, tracks, interprets, forecasts and logs virtually every aspect of your trip. Perfect for skiers, mountaineers, hill walkers and other outdoorsy types. The data can be -transferred to your computer.

Get even, get Madshus

Madshus, one of only two remaining 
Norwegian ski manufacturers 
(and owned by American K2), was founded in 1906. It has put all that know-how and experience into the -Nanosonic Classic Cold, a World Cup level ski with a long low camber profile for those cold snow conditions.


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