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Mapping sustainability

GoGreen Danmark’s mission is to make it easy to shop sustainably. One of their initiatives is a special sustainability city map and an app that makes it easy to find and use eco-friendly solutions in Copenhagen.

GoGreen Danmark is a network of almost 200 companies, all working seriously hard on sustainability. Together they make sure we can shop, eat, sleep, travel and even go to the dentist in a way that reduces our burden on the environment.

Responsible consumerism is a strong new trend and people are increasingly realizing that we need to rethink our consumption habits – not just for the sake of climate change but also for ourselves and for future generations.

“Everyone can do something and we can all head in a more positive direction from where we are today,” says Pia Rathsach, who founded GoGreen Danmark in 2010.

“We can use the money in our pockets to take responsibility and change the things that we deal with personally,” Rathsach says. “Becoming a more sustainable consumer is about choosing the solution that’s best for our fellow humans and for the planet. By keeping this in mind, we’ll find it easier to change our consumption habits little by little.”

The city maps help you make choices that are better for people and the environment. They show you the businesses that can provide a sustainable version of all the things you need in everyday life and for special occasions – from cleaning products, beauty items and parchment paper to funky furniture, telephones and gourmet food.

A short intro and straightforward symbols mean you can quickly see whether a company deals in environmentally friendly products, climate-smart, eco-friendly food or redesign and reuse, or whether it works to reduce CO2 emissions or helps the vulnerable in society.

The map also provides tips on where to rent electric cars and find car-free cycle routes and green spaces, making it a useful guide for tourists or anyone else looking to discover a new side to Copenhagen.

GoGreen maps don’t just cover the capital, though. So far, there are maps for Copenhagen, Frederiksberg and Helsingør, a map showing sustainable culinary experiences in North Zealand, one with green cycle routes in Nivå and a map of sustainable Aarhus.

“You can’t do everything sustainably all at once, but you can think about what you’re doing today, right here, right now,” Rathsach says. “This is where the app and the maps can provide inspiration.”

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