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Down jacket and scarf from Fleischer Couture and Norwegian Rains cape, Rive Gauche, with its quilted wool lining.
Down jacket and scarf from Fleischer Couture and Norwegian Rains cape, Rive Gauche, with its quilted wool lining.


Norwegian design to keep you warm

Recently the down jackets worn by many Norwegians to keep warm have been made by foreign manufacturers. But Norwegian designers are now busy designing clothes that are ideally suited to both the cold Nordic climate and life in its cities.

When the cold bites, Italian cashmere coats and capes are not much use. What you need is down. In recent years Norwegians have, on the whole, worn down jackets and parkas made by manufacturers in Italy, France, and several other countries. But now more Norwegian entrepreneurs are stocking winter clothes that you can also wear to a meeting in Oslo, Copenhagen, or Stockholm. 

Norwegian Rain

Alexander Helle and Michael Tetteh Nartey (T-Michael) now export their innovative rainwear.The coats and capes from Norwegian Rain keep out the cold, rain, and wind. But the technology behind it all is hidden away. Norwegian Rain’s story begins in Bergen. Alexander Helle noticed that although Bergen is home to many creative talents, few of them are commercially successful. Inspired by what he has seen on the streets of Milan, he writes a thesis at the Norwegian School of Economics on starting a business that makes raincoats designed for life in the city. In 2008, he realizes this project together with tailor and designer T-Michael, who is renowned for his sophisticated design and fine craftsmanship.

“We make classic outerwear that you will enjoy wearing,” Helle, founder of Norwegian Rain, tells Scandinavian Traveler. “It is a bonus that they are made to resist the storm.” 

The clothes are also good for fending off the biting Scandinavian cold.

“We use quilted wool fiber, which produces a jacket that is thinner than a parka, but still retains the heat. This is an innovation that was developed in Switzerland. Central to the concept is the idea that everything has to be functional and you should also be able to wear the clothes when it is sunny, without getting clammy.

“It’s not so much about fashion, but more about craftsmanship,” Helle says. Norwegian Rain even sells a lot of jackets to California, which has been suffering from drought for several years. Now the company has also started making shoes, having signed a shoe deal with British company Grenson Shoes.

You can buy Norwegian Rain products in 8 of Høyer’s stores in Norway, at Norwegian Rains’ own stores, and online. Elsewhere in the world, Norwegian Rain products are available in 122 stores in 18 countries. 

Website: www.norwegianrain.com
Instagram: @norwegianrain
Facebook: Norwegian Rain

T-Michael & Norwegian Rain
Kirkegata 20, Oslo

Skostredet 9, Bergen

Norwegian Rains collections Single Breasted, which has a detachable lining and cashmere-trimmed collar, and Moscow, which uses wool from Iceland.

Fleischers Couture

Thea Eline Sundhell and Maja Mejlænder Fleischer of Fleischer Couture.

Dunparkasarna och kashmirplaggen från Fleischer Couture finns nu att köpa i flera butiker runt om i Norge. Med dessa plagg kan du gå till och från jobbet utan att frysa. Också detta märke såg dagens ljus på ett universitet.

– När jag skulle göra en uppgift i industridesign i Skottland 2004 ville jag göra en skidjacka. Den skulle vara funktionell, rolig och anpassad efter kvinnor, säger grundaren Maja Mejlænder Fleischer. Den skulle också vara exklusiv. Sedan tog jag fram ett prov och fick bra respons på det. När min partner blev färdig med sina studier på BI satte vi igång.

Den här vinterkollektionen består av allt från underkläder till jackor. Jackorna är fyllda med dun, har varma kragar och rymliga fickor. De är också vattenavvisande. Övriga plagg är tillverkade av merinoull, kashmir och silke. Allt är tillverkat för nordiska kroppsformer.

– Jag vet inte varför inte fler gör vinterkläder i Norge, men det beror kanske på att vi inte har någon tradition av att tillverka kläder här, säger Maja Mejlænder Fleischer.

Fleischer Couture säljs nu i 80 butiker i Norge, bland annat hos Høyer, Ferner Jacobsen, Tatler och hos Ilse Jacobsen. Företaget ska också börja med export av nordisk couture.

Fleischer Couture makes clothes for the Nordic climate.

Instagram: @fleischercouture
Facebook: Fleischer Couture

Founder and designer Marius Johannessen of Cedrico.Cedrico

Cedrico has been making warm down parkas for three years. During that time, the company has made its way into the most high-profile stores in Norway, including all the Follestad stores, Steen & Strøm, Bogart Cosmo in Trondheim, and Kouture Bergen. Founder Marius Johannessen has always been interested in clothing and fashion and has been making clothes for a long time.

“I have mostly made jackets using a lot of leather, such as the one I’m wearing,” CEO and designer Johannessen tells Scandinavian Traveler. “I come from a family of tailors, so there is a long tradition for me to preserve. Among other things, my great-grandfather was tailor to the royal court.”

Then he had the idea of making jackets for colder climates, maybe a parka. He produced several versions, with different cuts and styles.
Cedrico is in its third season. They have warm down parkas and big fur collars.

“The jackets don’t look out of place in the mountains or in the city. They have to be warm and look good at the same time.”

The first shoots of an idea were for warm jackets filled with 90 percent down and 10 percent feathers, with details in leather and generous fur trim.

He has several competitors, Parajumpers, Woolrich, and Pajar, which Norwegians have sworn by in recent years.

“I have faith in changing the design and expression, and not making the same thing year after year,” Johannessen says, having created a collection of jackets in new colors this fall.

He also plans to stick with and develop the concept of warm down parkas. Making the Norwegian winter that bit warmer. 

Instagram: @cedrico_norway
Facebook: Cedrico


Text: Inga Ragnhild Holst

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