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Pärlans Konfektyr: Delicate craftsmanship combined with a warm welcome.
Pärlans Konfektyr: Delicate craftsmanship combined with a warm welcome.


Places where time has stood still

Cultural heritage tourism is about experiencing places and cultures of great historical value, where everything is just as it once was. We guide you to time capsules around Europe.

While we continue waiting for someone to invent the perfectly calibrated time machine, nostalgia helps us relive the past, whether we are talking about personal experiences or historical events.

“Cultural heritage tourism is traveling in order to experience places and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present,” according to the US-based collaborative organization Partners in Tourism, which promotes cultural heritage tourism in the United States. The attractions can be historic, cultural, or natural, and Scandinavian Traveler has drawn up a list for those who would like to experience the past up close and personal.

Pärlans Konfektyr in Stockholm.

Pärlans Konfektyr, Stockholm

Pärlans Konfektyr sells homemade toffee in a store that is new in design but where everything else is still stuck in 1940.

Pärlans Konfektyr

Nytorgsgatan 38, Stockholm

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Le Grand Vefour

Le Grand Vefour, Paris

Le Grand Vefour combines gastronomic delights with nostalgia, all under one glorious Parisian roof. The ­furnishings date back to 1785.

Le Grand Vefour

17, rue de Beaujolais, Paris

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Ølhallen at Tromsø

The traditional beer hall Ølhallen, opened in 1928, but did not admit women until the 1960s. Famed for its storytelling and as the start of the 'bar-hopping trail' known throughout Norway.


Storgata 4, Tromsø

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Café Konditori Valand, Stockholm

Café Konditori Valand is a time machine that has been using the same recipe for 60 years.

Café Konditori Valand

Surbrunnsgatan 48, Stockholm

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La Glace, Copenhagen

Copenhagen café that has been serving up cakes since 1870. Today’s furnishings date from 1924.

Café Konditori Valand

Surbrunnsgatan 48, Stockholm

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Järnvägsrestaurangen Östra station, Stockholm

Built in 1935 and serves food from that era in period architectural surroundings.


Vallhallavägen 77, Stockholm

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The Witchery by the Castle, Edinburgh

Restaurant and hotel straight out of a Gothic horror novel.

The Witchery by the Castle

Castle Hill, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh

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Barrels of Books, Dublin

Eerie and remarkably beautiful, the Long Room at Trinity College in Dublin is one of the world’s most distinctive historical spots. The main chamber of the Old Library measures nearly 65 meters in length, while its barrel-vaulted ceiling is double that. Some 200,000 of the library’s oldest books are neatly arranged on a dense collection of shelves and the only way to retrieve the volumes at the top is to climb up the towering wooden ladders found in each section.

The Long Room

College Green, Dublin 2

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Burlington Arcade, London

To keep people from throwing rubbish onto his backyard, Lord George Cavendish enclosed a space on the edge of his property in London. The result was the Burlington Arcade, opened in 1819. A strip of 72 shops, lit and covered, between Piccadilly and Burlington Gardens, it was the first example of a mall. The European department store was not a big thing until the mid-19th century.

Burlington Arcade

51 Piccadilly, London

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Stockholm City Museum, Stockholm

Stockholm City Museum’s four historically restored apartments spread across the city show how Stockholmers, rich or poor, lived in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Stockholm City Museum

Ryssgården, Stockholm

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Kramboden, Odense

Sells everyday items from the past 300 years in a 16th century merchant’s house.


Nedergade 24, Odense, Denmark

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Frognerbadet i Vigelandsparken.

Frognerbadet, Oslo

The baths at Vigelandsparken in Oslo opened in 1956 and retain details typical of the period.


Frognerbadet, Middelthuns gate 28, Oslo

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Sundbåten, Trondheim

This boat ride, established in 1876 and operated by the world’s oldest public transportation company, puffs between Kristiansund and nearby islands on the west coast of Norway. The boat currently in use dates back to 1958.


Take a boat trip with Waxholmsbolaget. Photo: Christer Lundin

Waxholmsbolaget, Stockholm

Waxholmsbolaget operates steamboats during the season throughout the Stockholm archipelago, leaving you feeling as if the 21st century never arrived.

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