Ride the Copenhagen snake

Copenhagen is a city with more than 300 km of bike lanes, but it is the newest 230 meters that are the most impressive part of the network.

Cykelslangen – literally “the bike hose”, but known to locals as the “snake” – was finished last summer, and now riders can easily get from Dybbølsbro bridge to Brygge bridge in Havneholmen.
In the past, commuters had to carry their bikes up and down a flight of stairs, then ride through a crowded waterfront ­shopping area.
The elevated bike lane ensures the safety of both bikers and shoppers.

Of course, the bridge is also a shortcut that saves the 10,000 daily users time and energy.

The bright orange surface is reminiscent of an athletics track, and at night, the built-in lighting makes the bridge safe to cross – and beautiful to look at.

Copenhagen is planning to build six more bike bridges, and by the end of 2015, the Danes want to be able to call their capital the best bike city in the world.       

Text:Risto Pakarinen     

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