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Pushing your boundaries is a reward, too.
Pushing your boundaries is a reward, too.


Running for charity

Like running? Need a challenge to push you forward? Want to do good while putting one shoe in front of the other, as others cheer you on from the sidelines?

Running for charity is a great way to combine your own well-being with doing good for others. Runforcharity.com lets you find a race and cause to set your sights on. When you sign up, your information gets passed on to the contacts at the charity of your choice, who will then get in touch with you.

For example, you can sign up for the Tough Mudder, an intense race of approximately 15 kilometers over and under obstacles and through mud, one of several Mudder events designed by British Special Forces. And you’ll be doing it for the wildlife. Any takers?

For more challenges and races, see runforcharity.com

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