Swedish singer Jonathan Johansson shares his music tips. Photo: Frida Vega Salomonsson
Swedish singer Jonathan Johansson shares his music tips. Photo: Frida Vega Salomonsson


SAS presents #TrueTravelerMusic: Jonathan Johansson

We know that true travelers in Scandinavia like music and that traveling and music go hand in hand. In the coming weeks some of Scandinavia’s leading music artists will share what they are listening to right now. This week Swedish Jonathan Johansson presents his tips.

Jonathan Johansson’s suggestive music, delicate voice and powerful lyrics have fascinated pop fans since his debut in 2009. His albums ”En hand i himlen” och ”Klagomuren” were celebrated by media and nominated for several Swedish Grammy and P3 awards. With his latest album ”Lebensraum” Jonathan Johansson offers a serious, sharp and honest view on the mood in Europe today. After his sold out and acclaimed tour this spring, Jonathan Johansson is touring Sweden this summer, appearing at many of the biggest festivals in the country.

Jonathan on his favorite artists right now:

Mattias Alkberg – Tjugonde

This is a new track by Sweden’s most demanding, delicate and important voice and pen. As per usual, Old Alkberg does something for him completely new and goes R&B and auto tune – and it’s completely irresistible.

Facebook: facebook.com/MattiasAlkberg

Zhala – Holy Bubbles

Zhala is one of the most interesting rising stars from Sweden. An aura of ”everything is possible” surrounds her. The music she creates is like a flood of neon beats that makes me want to break down by her feet. And I love the melodies.

Facebook: facebook.com/zhalaofficial
Instagram: @z_h_a_l_a 
Twitter: @z_h_a_l_a 

Little Jinder – Random Folk

This is the best track from Jinder’s beautiful debut album. It’s got a warm us-against-the-world vibe and at the same time it’s lovingly dissing EVERYBODY else. I love BBF-songs. I love this song.

Facebook: facebook.com/littlejinder
Instagram: @littlejinder
Twitter: @littlejinder


Stay tuned for more tips from a new artist next week!

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