Truls explores the electro and urban music scene for your listening pleasure.
Truls explores the electro and urban music scene for your listening pleasure.


SAS presents #TrueTravelerMusic: Truls

We know that true travelers in Scandinavia like music and that traveling and music go hand in hand. In the coming weeks some of Scandinavia’s leading music artists will share what they are listening to right now. This week Norwegian Truls share his music tips.

Truls debuted as a solo artist in 2013 and soon found his place in the Nordic electro scene. His first single “Out Of Yourself” climbed the charts and became a big hit that year. His second single “The Next” sold platinum and when the album “TRVLS” was released, it quickly found its way up the charts in Norway. This summer, Truls is playing a number of festivals in Norway.

Truls chooses his favorites, in his own words:

Scandinavia is known for its rock, but the last couple of years other genres have taken hold. That’s why I’ve chosen artists with roots in the electronic and urban sphere.

Sivas - D.A.U.D.A ft.Gilli

This Danish gentleman takes the urban and modern expression to the Danish with a lot of credibility. I play this at parties!

Facebook: facebook.com/SIVASOfficiel
Instagram: @sivas.torbati
Twitter: @sivastorbati

Tove Lo – Habits

Tove Lo makes fantastic pop music with honest and direct lyrics. She has been a big inspiration to my music the last couple of years. 

Facebook: facebook.com/tovelo
Instagram: @tovelo
Twitter: @tovelo

Admiral P - Fy Faen

Admiral P is Norway’s reggae and dancehall king. He’s allergic to negativity and makes music from the other side of the world in Norwegian. Big up!

Facebook: facebook.com/AdmiralP
Instagram: @admiralp_official
Twitter: @admralp


More tips to follow next week!

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