Scandinavian gadgets for today… and tomorrow

The Scandinavian tech scene enjoys a global reputation for bringing many new experiences to our lives. These savvy gadgets are just a few of the latest innovations from the great minds of Scandinavia.

1. Stilla

This pocket-sized security system is ridiculously simple – squeeze to activate, then drop it in your backpack or attach it to your laptop, stroller or luggage and it will alert you to any movement. You can safely run to the bathroom or bar without worrying that your things will be stolen.


2. Staaker

Perfect for lovers of drones, this fast, compact and mountable quadcopter is the world’s first artificially intelligent auto-follow drone capable of tracking your current movements – and also predicting your next ones. Attach it to your arm and it will take photos of you on the slopes or anywhere else you wander.


3. Anyware

Anyware simplifies complex home automation systems into one product – and makes functionality easy to install and even easier to use. Just attach it to your lamp socket and suddenly your home is smart, monitoring everything from babies to burglars.


4. Vaavud

What began as a way to give kite and windsurfers an easy way to share wind information, has now caught the attention of sailors, farmers, scientists and plenty of others. Attach the wind-meter device to your phone and enjoy hyper­local weather forecasts. Perfect for those who are in the great outdoors for both work and play.


5. Huddly

It’s being billed as a “camera like no other,” and the Huddly might just live up to the hype. The camera is designed for remote company meetings, and what makes it different are the regular software updates that mean it never stops learning new ways to analyze what it sees, improving remote collaboration in the process.


Last edited: October 4, 2017

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