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Make way! Trysil has lots of amazing ski runs. Photo: Innovation Norway
Make way! Trysil has lots of amazing ski runs. Photo: Innovation Norway


Spectacular skiing in Norway without the hefty price tag

There’s no shortage of snow in Norway and the krone is the weakest it has been for 20 years. So now’s a great time for Swedes and Danes to visit Norway. Pack up your skis and head to Hemsedal or Trysil.

They’re making way for the Swedes and Danes on the mountains and slopes of Norway. Partly because low oil prices have pushed down the value of the Norwegian krone. Not so long ago, Swedes had to shell out 114 Swedish kronor to get 100 Norwegian kroner, according to Sweden’s central bank. Now those same 100 kroner cost only 106 Swedish. And this is set to remain the case for the next 3 months, according to major Norwegian bank, DNB Markets.
“The oil price will have to change before we see any strengthening in the Norwegian krone,” currency analyst Camilla Viland of Dnb Nor tells Scandinavian Traveler.
She believes Swedes can confidently travel to Norway without fear of breaking the bank.
The krone is also weak against the euro. In recent years, one euro has cost around 8 Norwegian kroner, except during the financial crisis in 2008. Now it is worth 8.8 kroner.

Taking a break in the mountains. Conditions in Hemsedal are perfect, for adults and children alike. Photo: Nils-Erik Bjørholt/Visitnorway.com

To the mountains
The krone exchange rate may have been unpredictable of late, but it’s a different story out on the mountains. Here the snow conditions are perfect for every kind of ski sport. The ski resorts of Trysil and Hemsedal remain the most popular skiing destinations for both cross-country and downhill. Hemsedal has a huge range of runs and slopes, making it ideal for families. Trysil is no less family-friendly, but also has some wild routes for thrill-seekers.

“Norway has a unique skiing culture,” says photographer and outdoor writer Hans-Kristian Krogh-Hanssen.

Photographer and outdoor writer Hans-Kristian Krogh-Hanssen loves the mountains and he loves skiing. He thinks Swedes and Danes should come and make the most of the Norwegian mountains in winter.
“The breathtaking diversity of the natural landscape here is a sight to behold,” Krogh-Hanssen tells Scandinavian Traveler. “We also have a unique skiing culture. There are only five million of us, but we have produced some of the best skiers in the world.”
He adds that there are great skiing conditions away from the major resorts too. You don’t even have to go far from Oslo.

“I prefer cross-country skiing high up in the mountains. Another great place is Norefjell, which has fantastic courses that are easily accessible. For an amazing long-distance route, the trip across the Jostedal Glacier is a classic. You can camp there and go mountain skiing with your friends. A popular choice is to start in Stryn, then make your way down into Fjærland.” 
There is also a great après-ski atmosphere with lots to do. Both Trysil and Hemsedal are home to several bars and restaurants where you can drink beer – or party:
“Stavkroa in Hemsedal is perhaps the best,” says Krogh-Hanssen. “‘Ski in, dance out’ is their motto.”
“Here you can listen to the latest hits and drink beer all season long. As for me, I’ve got two young skiers of my own now, so the best après-ski for me is a couple of beers with friends in the chalet or around the camp fire.”

Seterrock is hosted by Knettsetra in Trysil and the atmosphere is unbelievable. Photo: Ola Matsson/Skistar.com

Follow the snow blog
Right now there is 96 centimeters of snow in Hemsedal, but you can keep up-to-date with the snow blog. In Trysil there is 101 centimeters of snow, but if there’s none here when you arrive, you can get your money back when you book through Skistar.com.

Text: Inga Ragnhild Holst

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