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Take a hike – the best walking vacations around the world

Healthy holidays are more popular than ever before, with biking, hiking, trekking, sailing and meditation trips, as well as spa breaks and yoga retreats, among the top travel trends for 2018. Time to get your boots on.

Few activities are better for your mind, body and soul than hiking in the great outdoors. No matter if you prefer to traverse the snow-capped mountains of Norway, explore the tropical wilderness of Hong Kong or take a leisurely stroll through the British countryside, there is a walking holiday out there with your name on it.

Anne Gunn Rosvold is the founder of Bergen Base Camp, a company specializing in outdoor activities in and around Bergen, Norway. Experiences range from hiking and biking trips to food tours, kayaking and zip lining, and many are available either as private-guided or self-guided tours. Although Bergen Base Camp has been delivering outdoorsy activities to health-conscious travelers since 2005, Rosvold says the typical profile of her visitors has recently started to change.

“The people we meet are traveling more individually and less in groups. They are looking for tailor-made experiences rather than pre-packaged tours and, most importantly, they’re more active than ever before,” she says, adding that recent years has seen a considerable increase in travelers of all ages from the UK and the US, as well as from across Europe.

One of the things that makes Bergen unique is the huge variety of outdoor ­activities available on the city’s doorstep, with white rivers, mountains, fjords, glac­iers and the deep ocean all just a short distance away.

“I have traveled to many different corners of the globe, but I genuinely believe Bergen is the best city in the world if you’re outdoorsy and adventurous. I can’t think of anywhere else that has so many of nature’s elements so close by,” says Rosvold.


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