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Tatse matters

Eating local food is a big part of the travel experience. This new survey tracks the common tastes and rising trends in nine food cities, looking at 900 top restaurants around the world. Hint: fans of chocolate should start brushing up on their Spanish.

San Francisco
Open sesame! A dish featuring the rich, nutty ingredient is a hit on the US west coast. Sesame found its way to 40% more menus than in 2016.

Caviar is a favorite among the Danes. 54% of menus in Copenhagen mention it, while 41% include the word “caramelized.”

New York
Fish and shellfish are increasing in popularity in the Big Apple. You see 47% more menus offering them compared with 2016. The planet says thanks – fish leaves a much lower carbon footprint than meat.

Chèvre gets British chefs going. Compared with 2016, goat’s cheese appeared on 30% more menus in the British capital.

The word “roasted” appears on 93% of the city’s menus. Smoked food has a long tradition in Scandinavia and seems to be on the rise again, having increased on menus by 46% since 2016.

Mexico City
Yummy! 59% of restaurant dishes here contain chocolate. Traditional Mexican cuisine has been designated as a cultural treasure by Unesco.

Mushroom is big in Japan. Some 18% of the menus in the Japanese capital have a dish containing them.

Flying the flag for good bacteria, the Australian metropole's healthy lifestyle is reflected in its menus, 28% of which offer fermented ingredients and 43% include the word “carrot.”

Hong Kong
Natural flavors play a leading role in Cantonese cuisine, and 42% of the menus here mention the word “fresh.”

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