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The in gadgets for outdoor fun

Ready to brave the icy winter’s cross-country season? No problem. With this gear you can withstand the elements, whether you’re an elite exerciser or just on a ski holiday with the family.


After your workout, the Hexoskin shirt will help you analyze your performance. Check your heart rate, breathing volume, breathing rate, calories burned, and the intensity of the activity. Working out just got twice as much fun.

Price: $339 to $399

Lifeproof Fre

A waterproof case will protect your phone even if you happen to drop it in the snow. Lifeproof Fre has a thin, translucent membrane cover that keeps water and dirt out.

Price: $79.99

Hitcase ChestR Mount

Hitcase lets you add a wide angle lens on your iPhone, turning it into a brilliant action camera. Shoot your best tricks. Or send the footage to America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Price: $149.99


The DryGuy Force Dry DX can dry two pairs of boots, gloves, or shoes in about an hour. Gentle forced air and a temperature of 40C will quickly eliminate moisture to keep the fungi and bacteria out of your gear. And it looks pretty cool, too. 

Price: $80


Bollé’s Sport Lifestyle collection has sunglasses especially designed for winter sports, thanks to the hydrophobic surface treatment on the lenses. Go get ’em, tiger.

Price: $99–149

Seirus Inferno

Self-heating gloves have been around for a while, and now they’re really advanced. ­Seirus Inferno gloves have three temperature settings to make sure you won’t freeze, no matter how cold it gets. Also perfect for parents standing on the sidelines. 

Price: $375

New Trent

Your smartphone dying out in the woods would be a nightmare, and you should always have room for a waterproof external battery pack when you head out. Trent’s PowerPak Ultra’s powerful 14,000mAh battery can be used to charge both phones and tablets.

Price: $69.99


What could be more fun than ­taking the family – the whole family – out to ski? What – baby Björn can’t ski? This ski kit allows you to pull a trailer behind you when you’re out skiing with your younger family members. (You’ll need to attach the ski kit to a Burley trailer.)

Price $275


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