Trolle Rhodin. Photo: Mattias Randå
Trolle Rhodin. Photo: Mattias Randå


The story of Circus Brazil Jack

When your father is a seventh-generation circus artist and your mother an eighth-generation one, chances are you’ll become a ninth-generation circus person. That’s what happened to Trolle Rhodin.

Trolle Rhodin, 26, took over the management of the self-proclaimed “Sweden’s National Circus” three years ago.

The circus’s roots go back to late 19th century when Carl Rhodin, Jr., the son of an illusionist who went by the stage name Professor Max Alexander, founded Circus Brazil Jack, after his own stage name. The original circus shut down in 1917, but it was resurrected in 1982 by Brazil Jack’s grandchildren.

“This is a lifestyle,” says Rhodin, Brazil Jack’s great-grandson. “You almost have to be born into it. And then the circus brings you up.”

Having been born into the traveling circus life with artists from different countries, and a mother, the former trapeze artist Carmen Rhodin, from Romania, he speaks Swedish, English, German, French, Romanian, Russian, Polish, Italian, and Spanish – and switches from one to another just as easily as he juggles bowling pins or does acrobatics.

Brazil Jack tours from April to September, but Rhodin spends the rest of the year on the road as well.

“I travel around Europe to see new acts. The best acts are in demand, so you have to get them early. We booked our acrobat group two years ago. A big portion of our budget goes straight into the acts.”

While the circus is Rhodin’s lifestyle, it is also his business. His task is to pack the 1,300-seat tent so that the circus can afford to pay its 60 employees.

“I don’t see this as a job, but of course we have to maintain a certain level of quality so that people want to come back when we return to their city,” he says.

“We want to give something for everybody, fun for the kids and excitement for the adults.”

The circus still has its magic, Rhodin says.

“People want to go to the circus when it’s the real, traditional thing, like ours is. We’ve been around for a long time, and we’re not going anywhere.”

Read more at: cirkusbraziljack.se


By Risto Pakarinen

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