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Copenhagen is the bike-friendliest citiy in the world.
Copenhagen is the bike-friendliest citiy in the world.


The world’s bike-friendliest cities

Every two years, Copenhagenize, an urban design agency based in Copenhagen, ranks the world’s bike-friendliest cities.

This year, their full list covers more than 120 cities, so many bike-hostile cities are bound to be included, but they only publish the Top 20. They score the cities in 13 categories, including infrastructure, bike share programs, safety, and urban planning. Here are the best cities to explore on two wheels.

The bike-friendliest cities in the world 2015

1. Copenhagen (2)

 2. Amsterdam (1)

 3. Utrecht (3)

 4. Strasbourg (-)

 5. Eindhoven (8)

 6. Malmö (9)

 7. Nantes (6)

 8. Bordeaux (5)

 9. Antwerp (7)

 10. Seville (4)

Other new cities in the top 20 were Ljubljana, Buenos Aires, Vienna, and Minneapolis.


(2013 rank in parentheses)


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