Photo: Shutterstock/Viktor Miller Gausa/Susanna Blåvarg, Johnér
Photo: Shutterstock/Viktor Miller Gausa/Susanna Blåvarg, Johnér

Photo: Shutterstock/Viktor Miller Gausa/Susanna Blåvarg, Johnér


Travel trends 2018 - hot right now

This year, travelers are getting both active and creative. Here are some of the hottest trends at the moment.

Foodie travel

Wherever we choose to travel, we want to eat well. According to the travel agency TUI, the quality of the food and drink are even more important for middle--aged people on holiday than -accommodation. Among Scandinavian travelers, Swedes spend most on tasty experiences, while Danes are more into activities and Norwegians are keen to find bargains.

24h Mini-breaks

Four days, a weekend, or even 24-hour trips – brief vacations are one of Pinterest’s travel trends for 2018. As our lives get more hectic and requirements for hotel standards higher, short breaks – more time-efficient and cheaper – are gaining popularity. If you plan carefully, you can actually fit quite a lot into a mere day.


This is part of the bleisure trend – mixing work with vacation. Hotels are also increasingly popular as temporary office spaces. With many people seeking to combine work and holiday and an increasing flock of freelancers looking for a desk (or an armchair) for the day, more and more hotels offer spaces to work in.

Travel journals

You’ve probably heard of bullet journals, the latest DIY-craze said to reduce stress and keep you organized? They extend into travel, too. Fans are creating beautiful travel journals for trip planning, packing lists, stamp collections and bucket lists, personalized with drawings, calligraphy and washi tape.

Wellness holidays

Yoga retreats have been hip for a while, and the health-conscious travel trend shows no signs of letting up. This year, hiking seems to be having a moment. Luckily, the active holiday trend goes hand in hand with the athleisure style seen in fashion over the past years – so you might not even need to get changed before you hit the mountains.

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