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Where Joss Stone goes to listen to music

The R & B star has played all round the world. Some places have made a bigger impression on her than others.

R & B star Joss Stone on the Hurtigruten at Svalbard. Photo: Tove K. Breistein

In 2019, R&B star Joss Stone (32) rounded off her Total World Tour, the goal of which was to play in every country in the world. Scandinavian Traveler met Stone on board Hurtigruten ship Nordstjernen, where she played for an exclusive group of climate researchers. Naturally, she looks just the same as she usually looks: Bare legged and with a floaty skirt. But she kept everyone warm with famous hits such as Super Duper Love and Right to be wrong, interspersed with stories about silly boyfriends who messed things up. She has visited 202 countries – or locations – on the tour.

“The UN lists 193 countries, but I’ve added a few countries or locations, such as Kosovo and the Antarctic,” Stone says.

On her travels in other words, she’s visited everywhere from Micronesia to Morocco. And she now has many locations close to her heart that she adores.

“Even though I've not had the chance to spend much time in these places, I’ve gained a flavor of them. I always tell people that they must go to Africa. It's a fantastic continent full of life, music, love and good vibes. The nature is overwhelming. Swaziland is one of my favorites. That's probably because it was the first place I visited on the tour, and I was overwhelmed by the beauty there.”

“Australia and New Zealand have also been on my to visit list, but there's more beauty to find if you travel even further.”

“At the end of the tour, we traveled to Oceania with Samoa, Fiji, Vanuatu and Palau. It's so incredibly beautiful there.”

What motivates her? She loves to make people feel good.

“Playing is my way of giving people a good feeling. If I don't play, I cook food for someone. Or make a nice cup of tea. Or simply settle for a good chat and a hug. That makes me feel good.”

But where does she go to listen to music herself?

“The world is full of music. But some places were so beautiful I’ll never forget them.”

House on fire, Swaziland

“This place is a work of art,” Stone says. “The place is full of colors and there are poems and angels everywhere. It was fun to play there as it only had the capacity for around a thousand people. The energy was so good and the food was great. It was simply absolutely brilliant.”“There's a sugar cane field outside. They have festivals there. I want to go back there to attend them.”

House on fire

Malkerns Valley, Kingdom of Swaziland

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There are also places to stay there.

The Red Monkey Lodge, Zanzibar

“I played there and the energy was so good. As the name suggests, you can stay overnight there and they sometimes have music inside.”“It's not a big location, but many famous artists have managed to play there. At some point in 2019, the location is going to release recordings of the artists that have played there. But obviously, you can listen to local artists. If you want to stay overnight, it's worth knowing that it's right by the beach – only an hour from the airport.”

The Red Monkey Lodge

Mfumbwi Village, Jambiani, Tanzania, Tanzania

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Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, London

“This is an old school venue famous for jazz music. I’ve even played here with Jeff Beck. It’s also in Soho, a cool area. If you get bored, there are plenty of other bars nearby.”The jazz club opened in 1959 and numerous big name musicians have played here, including Chick Corea and Jimi Hendrix. Many live albums have been recorded here, such as Ella in London by Ella Fitzgerald in 1974. You can still listen to jazz here, both the resident club band and other artists.

Ronne Scotts Jazz Club

47 Frith St, Soho, London W1D 4HT, Storbritannia

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Roundhouse, London

Naturally, Stone has played in London. She especially likes the Roundhouse, a performing arts and concert venue.“I like the vibe there,” Stone says.The Roundhouse describes itself as a hub of inspiration where artists and emerging talent create extraordinary work and where young people can grow creatively as individuals. The building dates from 1847 and was a former railway engine repair shed, that was transformed into a performing arts venue in 1964. You can see theater, dance and hear live music here.


Chalk Farm Rd, Camden Town, London NW1 8EH, Storbritannia

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