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Wilderness glamping in Norway

Here are a few options if you fancy spending the night out in the harsh Norwegian climate - without freezing or over exerting yourself. Good glamping.

Narvikfjellet. Foto: Narvik Adventures Michael Ulriksen

Arctic Cathedral

The Arctic Dome in Narvikfjellet is perhaps not that high as you may imagine. But if you spend the night in this “tent”, you’ll not only have the view of the sky to yourself but also of the city of Narvik in the north of Norway. This luxurious tent is equipped with beds, seating and warm furs. There's also a WC, shower and kitchen where you can prepare food. You can count the stars and keep an eye out for the Northern Lights through the transparent roof. If you want to strap on some skis, you've come to the right place. There's an Alpine Ski Center in Narvikfjellet with 13 runs, six ski lifts, ski tow and gondola. Plenty of snow and high speed runs guaranteed.

Arctic Dome

Fly to Bardufoss

Rates from Nkr 4490 for up to four persons. You can buy food baskets on arrival.

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Beisfjordfjellet. Foto: Njalasouka Adventure

Nomadic Nights

The Sámi people are indigenous to northern parts of Norway and still use tents when they move their reindeer herds from spring to fall pasture and back again. Their tents are relatively easy to transport with a snowmobile and you can prepare food and sleep inside them. What’s on the menu? How about reindeer stew? You can gain an exclusive insight into the traditional lifestyle of the Sámi people in many parts of north Norway. Such as in Narvik and the Beisfjord Mountains. Njalasouka Adventures will take you by snowmobile to a Sámi family who will serve you food and drink.

Njalasouka Adventures

Fly to Bardufoss

From 3 December to 22 March 2020. Rates from Nkr 1,000 per child to Nkr 2,495 for adults.

Foto: Canvas Hove

Cocoon Living

Small is beautiful at Hove in Arendal. Here you can sleep in a hanging tent that's a bit like a cocoon. Canvas will sort the bed for you, leaving you to focus on listening to the birdsong. During your stay, you can go kayaking or Stand Up Paddleboarding or embark on an underwater safari. If you fancy a bit more comfort, you can choose a Mongolian yurt with ensuite bathroom. Larger parties can also book an entire lodge.

Canvas Hove

Hoveodden 200, 4818 Færvik

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Trolltunga. Foto: Trolltunga Active


This mountain formation that looks like a sticking out tongue is very definitely an Instagram favorite. People daringly pose on the “tip of the tongue” here, 700m above Ringedalsvannet in Skjeggedal. It’s a pretty demanding hike so you need to be reasonably fit. But once you get here, you can spend the night in a tent you can see out from. Prepare yourself for a genuine Norwegian outdoor adventure.

Trolltunga Active

Nkr 4,200 including guide, dinner, breakfast and all necessary equipment.

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