Roy Fares (right), with his business partner Mattias Ljungberg.Photo: Wolfgang Kleinschmidt
Roy Fares (right), with his business partner Mattias Ljungberg.Photo: Wolfgang Kleinschmidt


A new take on cake

With a recently opened café and bakeware line of his own in the shops, pastry chef Roy Fares is ready to give the Swedish concept of fika a boost.

Most people who have three TV ­programs coming up and are about to launch two ­businesses would be feeling more than a bit of pressure. But, then again, most people are not Roy Fares, one of Sweden’s most acclaimed pastry chefs and a person with a seemingly endless reservoir of energy. As he shows Scandinavian Traveler around Mr Cake, his hip new café in Stockholm’s up-­and-coming creative hub, A House, Fares seems as breezy as ever.

“We’ve got devil’s chocolate cake, hazelnut and sea buckthorn cake, and salted ­caramel cake,” he says, mentioning only a fraction of the treats adorning the blackboards on the back wall. There’s also cheesecake, doughnuts, eclairs and all kinds of pies. In other words, plenty of ­opportunity for Swedes to engage in their beloved tradition of fika, loosely translated as a social coffee break. “We work with French fillings, like mousses and crèmes, but combine them with Swedish and American baking traditions,” Fares says. The fans of Swedish cinnamon buns need not worry, either, those, along with other Swedish classics, are also on the menu. 

Mr Cake, which Fares opened in ­September with co-owner and fellow ­pastry chef Mattias Ljungberg, is a long-time dream come true. The two have big plans for the business. 

“In the long run, the aim is to make a café concept out of this. We’re focusing on Stockholm first, but we’re not far from opening in Helsinki, too,” Fares reveals.

Given his passion for baking, it’s not ­surprising that Fares is also launching his own line of bakeware this fall. The collection, which includes everything from bowls and tools to a ­rolling pin and a spinning plate, is available for you to buy in the ­EuroBonus Shop. 


‘You should live here and now and ­enjoy life’


“I felt like all the baking products in the market were so feminine. There’s a lot of pink, for sure,” he explains.

Fares’ products feature a mix of warm wood, navy blue and brushed metal instead. “I wanted materials and forms that work. A dough scraper with the right length for instance and a bowl that doesn’t slip from your hand.”

And what does Sweden’s cake king make of the healthy eating trend that’s been sweeping across the Western world the past few years, with many people avoiding sugar and white flour? 

“I’m focusing on the people who love to fika! You should live here and now and ­enjoy life. But of course, you have to ­exercise, too. It’s all about balance.” 

Last edited: December 4, 2017

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