Norske Julie Josephine Blystad lager enkle basisplagg til kvinner.
Norske Julie Josephine Blystad lager enkle basisplagg til kvinner.


Designer Julie Josephine's travel wardrobe

Julie Josephine Blystad (30) dreamed of creating the perfect white T-shirt. Now, two years on, she's done it. And several other essentials along the way. Perfect for when you're on the move. Here she gives us her travel tips.

You may have seen Julie Josephine’s clothing in stores. Perfect white shirts with a simple cut. The fabric looks good. Exclusive, but not flashy.

“My concept is super cute essentials of top quality,” Blystad tells Scandinavian Traveler. “I’ve put a lot of effort into creating a nice cut so that the clothes will sit well on women. I sacrifice everything for good quality and I want to show you how nice you can look in Italian cotton.”

Blystad started the company almost two years ago and her clothes are now sold in 13 Norwegian stores. Her target is for 50 Norwegian shops to carry the Julie Josephine range. She also wants to reach out to the rest of Scandinavia and her aim is to be the preferred place to buy T-shirts and shirts. 

Julie Josephine Blystad dreamed of the t-shirt with the perfect fit. Now she's created it and sells them in her own store in Oslo, online and in selected shops.

“I just have to show that we are the best at making these garments,” she says.

Blystad trained as an economist and has brought in designers to help realize the concept of the perfect shirt on paper.

 “I started with a T-shirt that would sit nicely on the body, isn’t too transparent and has sleeves of a flattering length. Then I made a cool shirt that’s not unimaginatively fitted and that you can feel good wearing at any time. I also wanted a very basic turtleneck sweater.”

But isn’t it a bit boring?

“If you want flowers and a rainbow of colors, there are other places you can go. But these outfits can easily be styled up and down. If you want to be a bit crazy, you can wear a red blazer over the T-shirt. Personally, I like to wear them with some funky trousers.” 

The clothes are perfect for when you’re traveling.

 “You can wear the shirts with jeans during the day and a leather skirt in the evening.”

She herself has combined one of her own long-sleeved T-shirts with a blazer dress. Simple and very Scandinavian. Blystad is planning to expand her collection for the summer.

“We’re making a short-sleeved shirt and slim trousers that you can wear to work or dinner. A striped sweater is also on the way.”

In the shop Julie Josephine in the Frogner area in Oslo, you'll find  t-shirts, shirts, sweaters and pants.

Blystad started out with an online store, but opened her own store in the Frogner district of Oslo a year ago. She’s one of several Norwegian designers who have made a successful entry on the scene in recent years.

“I think it’s great that Norwegian brands are enjoying success,” she says.

But it takes a lot of work and capital.

“As an entrepreneur, I have to be extremely organized. You can’t avoid the fact that you need capital both at start-up and as you grow,” she says. “But this is what I was dreaming of all those years when I was working as an economist.” 

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