Knut Nystad. Photo: Khilephoto- skilandslaget
Knut Nystad. Photo: Khilephoto- skilandslaget


Gold is the only way for Norwegian chief ski waxer

Frequent flyer Knut Nystad is the Norwegian cross-country ski team’s chief wax technician. When he does get some leisure time, he prefers to spend it at home.

Name: Knut Nystad
Age: 45
Occupation: Chief ski wax technician for the Norwegian cross-country ski team
Education: MBA from the University of Denver
Lives: Slattum, Nittedal. Originally from Fauske, Nordland
Lives with: Partner Katrin Šmigun (Estonian former skier) and their two children
Number of days traveling each year: Around 110
Member since: 2006
Website: knutnystad.com

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There have been many highs for chief ski wax technician Knut Nystad. Over the past few years, the Norwegian cross-country team has gone for gold at both the Winter Olympics in Sochi and the World Championships in Falun. And that means some high flying of a different kind. 

How many days do you spend traveling?
I spend 110 days traveling every year, give or take. My family will tell you it’s more.

Where do you go?
Mainly ski resorts! We fly to all the airports in Central Europe, and often to Munich.

You have a EuroBonus Gold card. Is that important?  
Yes! SAS has the routes that get us where we want to be, including the more out-of-the-way destinations. We get priority check-in and an additional baggage allowance.

At airports with Fast Track, we get through security faster. We also have access to the lounges where we can get a much-needed bite to eat. Arriving at our destination rested and ready to work is literally worth gold to us.

Where do you travel in your leisure time?
I travel so much with my job that I prefer to stay home. With my family we mainly go to Tallinn, Estonia, where my partner is from. It’s a place I recommend visiting, with good shopping, restaurants, and spas. I have also used my EuroBonus points to take my family to Florida.

Do you have any packing tips?
Carry the essentials in your pockets or your carry-on bag. If your baggage is delayed, you’ll still have the things you need most.

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