Photo: TT/Nyhetsbyrån
Photo: TT/Nyhetsbyrån


Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold in 20 questions

Part of the Norwegian national biathlon team, 21-year-old Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold picked up four medals in the Junior World Championships in biathlon in 2015 and three more at the Senior European Championships, while still a junior.

Where do you live?


What was the destination of your latest journey, and where will you be traveling next?

 Sola, Stavanger Airport, for the National Summer Championships in biathlon. Next, I will be traveling to Geneva for training camp. 

Are you traveling on business or pleasure?

 I’m traveling on business, but my job is mainly running in the mountains and skiing in the winter, so maybe I should call it pleasure?


 Mother, father and two older brothers. 

How did you become a ­biathlete?

 I always wanted to do the same as (and beat) my brothers, so when they started doing cross-­country skiing and biathlon, I had no choice. 

What’s your biggest accomplishment or proudest ­moment in your profession?

 When I competed for the first time in the Senior European Championships, as a junior myself, and won three medals. It was very cool to “come from nowhere” with no expectations and surprise the others.

What else have you done?

 I have eight medals from the Junior World Championships.

What do you do when you don’t work?

 My working day is not a typical 8am–4pm kind of job, but in off-season I do randonee skiing, yoga, make good food and hang out with friends.

How much cash are you carrying with you at the moment?

 Some euros from a training camp in Austria this summer, some Polish zloty from a previous competition, but no Norwegian kroner.

Who’s your best friend? Why?

 I don’t have one in particular. We are a group of girls that have stayed together for many years. Now that everyone lives in different cities and we don’t see each other that much, our communication is mainly over the phone. I guess that’s why my phone bill is so high. I honestly believe I have the best, funniest, kindest friends in the world. 

What’s your biggest dream?

To one day call myself an Olympic champion.

What’s your biggest nightmare?

I choose to focus on dreams and not fears.

What’s the latest movie you saw or book you read?

Roar by Stacy Sims – a book about women and training and hormones and how they affect us. Only for geeks. 

What’s your earliest memory?

When I learned to tie my shoes. I was super proud. 

Who’s your biggest idol or role model?

 Everyone with a huge passion for and belief in what they do. 

What would you do if you couldn’t have your current profession?

I think I would study medicine from Monday till Thursday and go hiking or skiing in the mountains from Friday till Sunday. In other words, I would try to be superhuman. 

How would your Oscar speech begin?

I would definitely start by thanking my mom and dad for supporting me and what I do.

Which city will you return to?

City vacations are not my thing. But to see New York is on my bucket list.

Aisle, window or middle?

 Aisle. And preferably in the front part of the plane. I read somewhere that there was less risk of infection in the air conditioning at the front of the plane. Another weird and very special part of being an athlete. 

Finish the following sentence: “A funny thing happened to me on the way to…”

 ... Slovenia for the Junior World Championships. I came straight from the biathlon stadium, and apparently I had traces of ammunition on my body and my bag. Therefore, I had to take every­thing out of my bag and send it one by one through security; underwear, dirty laundry, slices of bread – everything. The traces were located on a pack of oats, so they had to be left at home in Norway. 


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