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Linda Condorelli has lived in Rome for ten years, here's her 5 best tips.
Linda Condorelli has lived in Rome for ten years, here's her 5 best tips.


Linda's top 5 in Rome

Linda Condorelli left Borås, Sweden, for Rome ten years ago and has never looked back. Working for tour operators Walks of Italy, she has got to know some of the Eternal City’s best-kept secrets.

Fruit and vegetable market's in Rome

Visit a local fruit and vegetable market. The most famous one is Campo de Fiori, but if you’d like to step away from the beaten path, hop on tram number 8 and check out the Mercato San Giovanni di Dio.

The Aventine Hill and Gioadino Degli Aranci Park

For the best views of Rome, visit Aventine Hill and the Giardino degli Aranci park. Peek through the Knights of Malta Keyhole, for the perfect view of the St. Peter’s Basilica dome. Make sure you’re there at noon to see the firing of the cannon.

Try out an aportivo likes a Roman

Be a Roman and enjoy a pre-dinner aperitivo. Aperol Spritz is the locals’ favourite. Free snacks are served with your drink at most bars.

Explore the real deal in Italian kitchen

The mozzarella is to die for, as are the typical roman pasta sauces – carbonara and amatriciana. Da Francesco, near Piazza Navona, is one of my favorite spots for local Italian food.

The Italian pizza snack 

When Italians want a quick bite, they grab a slice of pizza. Typical Roman fast food is pizza al taglio, or white pizza with potato.

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Enjoy thw view from Aventine Hill, visit a local fruit and vegetable market and don't forget to be a Roman and enjoy a pre-dinner aperitivo!

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