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Mats Sundin’s Toronto

Toronto is Canada’s biggest city and the center of the nation’s media and money. And not forgetting, according to hockey legend Mats Sundin who lived in the city for ten years, the home of gorgeous golf courses.

“Toronto has everything, from teams in all major sports to fantastic cultural experiences from dance, ballet, theatre and opera to absolute world-class restaurants whether you’re in the mood for Italian, steaks, fusion or sushi,” says Mats Sundin, who made Toronto his home for over a decade.

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Sports at Scotiabank Arena

Besides the Leafs, Toronto also has the Raptors in the NBA, FC Toronto in the MLS, the Blue Jays in the MLB, and the Argonauts in the Canadian Football League. But catching a game at the Scotiabank Arena is definitely an unforgettable experience and it’s made for everybody. Whether you’re five or 85, you’ll have fun. I like that. You can have a good meal, a glass of wine or a beer, too.

Scotiabank Arena

40 Bay St., Toronto

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Get an overview

The 553.3m-high concrete CN Tower is a must-see for a reason. Definitely worth a trip to the top to get a feel of the city and how the neighborhoods are linked with each other, and to enjoy the fantastic view.

CN Tower

290 Bremner Blvd, Toronto

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Splurge time

Yorkville is one of the older parts of town. It has gone through many transformations, from being a Toronto suburb in the 19th century to a bohemian arts center in the 1960s to the high-end shopping district it is today. You’ll find lots of fancy shops, restaurants and coffeeshops in Yorkville.


Steak that

Harbour 60, just down the street from Scotiabank Arena on the other side of the Gardiner Expressway, is a great steakhouse. It’s high-end, and it’s very good. And the address is easy to remember too!

Harbour 60

60 Harbour Street

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A piece of Texas in Toronto

Another great place for steak lovers is Morton’s, a chain that covers the entire continent from Arizona to Toronto. You’ll find it at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Yorkville. It’s a good place to just have a drink, too. Proper attire is required, so no Maple Leafs caps inside!


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Old School Italian

Just a five-minute walk up the road from Mortons is Sotto Sotto, a classic, traditional Italian restaurant that’s my favorite. It’s even mentioned in Drake’s song 5am in Toronto. It was founded by Marisa Rocca, an immigrant from Rome.

Sotto Sotto

120 Avenue Road, Toronto

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Tee it up

There are several amazing golf courses in Toronto. One of the best is St. Georges in Etobicoke. The Canadian Open 2022 was played here.

St. George’s Golf & Country Club

1668 Islington Ave, Etobicoke

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