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Meet: Anniken Jörgensen

The outpouring of emotion in airport arrivals halls around the world provides the inspiration for SAS’ latest campaign. Four Scandinavian profiles tells us their most memorable travel experience.

Anniken Jörgensen's moment is from the flight where she for the forst time met the person that is now her best friend:

“As an 18-year-old, I spent three months in the US and met the person who is now my closest friend. Cornelia is her name. I was on a flight to LA, completely alone. She’d been tipped off about my blog post where I said I’d be open to staying with any of my readers and she invited me to her home. At first, I thought she was strange, but we got on so well despite the fact she had a completely different life to mine. About six months after I got home, I started to regularly bump into Cornelia. She’d moved back to Norway, so I invited her to stay with me.

Four years later, she’s my best friend and biggest supporter. We share the same deams and soon we will have traveled around the world together. And the weirdest thing is that I probably would never have met her if I’d not gotten on that plane.”

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