Meet: Hanne-Vibeke Holst

Here is Hanne-Vibeke Holsts own stand-out memory and story of how travel has inpired her.

The outpouring of emotion in airport arrivals halls around the world provides the inspiration for SAS’ latest campaign. Here is Hanne-Vibeke Holsts own stand-out memory of how travel has inpired her:

“This spring, my husband and I traveled to London just to see the big Picasso exhibition at the Tate Modern.

It was a very different sort of trip – incredibly decadent, given that we were only there to see the exhibition and nothing else. We only stayed two nights, which means that we saw the exhibition twice. It ­focused on the work he produced during 1932 and was ­absolutely fantastic. He was a genius and incredibly hard working, producing one masterpiece after another, day ­after day.

It was incredible to see the creative power he had. I’d read about him before going on the trip, and it’s something I would definitely recommend. Prepare, read up and you’ll get so much more out of your visit. When I went home, I felt that I’d been hit by a wave of creativity and inspiration.

I thought about what ­creativity actually is, how to feel it and how to enjoy it. It’s something that stayed with me the entire summer and sent me on my own exploration of artistic creativity.”

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