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Meet: Jakob Ingebrigtsen

Here is Jakob Ingebrigtsens own stand-out story of how travel has changed him.

SAS’ latest campaign is inspired by the outpouring of emotion in airport arrivals halls around the world. Here is Jakob Ingebrigtsens story about  

“It was particularly special to travel home from Berlin in ­August this year with two gold medals in the bag. And I literally did have them in my bag – I wasn’t wearing them around my neck.

But I was outed on the plane when the captain announced that me, my dad and my brothers were on board.

When I traveled to Berlin, I of course, hoped that things would go well, but the journey home was crazy. There were a lot of things going on. Did it all get too much? A little. It would have been good to avoid the constant media attention, otherwise it was fun.

I realize that being the youngest gold medal winner ever has put me in the history books, but it’s so hard to get your head around.

I’m now in my last year of high school and I’m just focusing on that. But I’m also training and there will be more of this once school is over.”

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