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Meet: Rolf Lassgård

SAS New campaign salutes travelers when they return home. Four Scandinavian celebrities kick things off with some of their own stand-out memories and stories of how travel has inpired or changed them.

Actor Rolf Lassgård tells us about when he went to Beijing, China, in the 1980s, to prepare for a play:

“In the late 1980s, we staged a production of Den stora vreden: Nordsvenska öden ur hävd och sägen at the Folkteater in Gävle, a play based on the renowned book trilogy by Olof Högberg. It’s a very special piece of Swedish literature, and the play proved to be a massive undertaking. In preparation for it, we traveled to Beijing and studied at the Beijing Opera Academy for six weeks. We wanted the play to portray the history of Norrland in the form of a saga, which is something the Chinese theatrical­ ­tradition is renowned for.

 I’d been working as an actor for 10 years at that point, and what we experienced in Beijing gave us tools to bring home that would help us tell the story of our play. For example, our play included a scene featuring the devil who jumps down into the stomach of a woman. A similar scene was depicted in works we saw in Beijing, and we brought home the ideas with us. The result was a 5.5 hour show that had a long run in Gävle and which then also toured throughout Sweden.”

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