Meet the musician behind the soundtrack of SAS’ Arrivals campaign

Berlin-based musician and composer Nils Frahm’s track “Them” was picked up by SAS for the atmospheric soundtrack for the current Arrivals ad campaign.

How did you become a musician?

I always had it in my mind as a kid, but it was at around the age of 25 when I started making money from music and quit my other jobs.

What else have you done?

I’ve had dozens of different jobs, but I was pretty bad at most of them, until I realized I had to work under my own steam and under my own rules – which has worked out much better. I did anything and everything!

What is your biggest accomplishment?

I’m really happy with how we got where we are now and that I still work with the same people that I did 10 years ago when we had nothing. We have grown as a group of family and friends and it has been inspiring to see how everyone has reshaped their lives. It’s better than it’s ever been.

How did the SAS Arrivals tie up come about?

Through my publishing team and management, who take care of my catalogue. When I saw the pitch and the idea, I thought it was a great project.

What are you working on now?

My taxes! But I am on tour, so later I will be soundchecking for a show tonight. I’m also working on some material for a new album.

Who’s your biggest idol or role model?

The problem if I mention just two, is that I may miss out hundreds. Some are friends or friends of friends, but I’d say my biggest inspirations are my family, friends and my team. But of people I have never met, there would be many great musicians, thinkers and revolutionaries I would regard as role models too.

What’s the latest movie you saw or a book you read?

I saw a couple of David Lynch movies recently that I hadn’t seen before. One was Wild at Heart – I liked that a lot.

If you couldn’t have your current profession what would you do?

I’d probably go back to one of the numerous jobs I used to do that I wasn’t very good at – and try to do it better!

What do you do when you’re not working?

Sleep mostly! I work late at night, so I often don’t start working till the afternoon.

What’s the latest movie you saw, or book you read?

I saw a couple of David Lynch movies recently that I hadn’t seen before. One was Wild at Heart – I liked that a lot.

What’s your party trick or hidden talent?

I can juggle for about 10 seconds without dropping a ball and I am a good cook, although unfortunately I don’t get the chance to do enough of it these days. I would like to learn more about the art of life, the kind if Carpe Diem they seem to be so good at in places like Spain and Italy – I would say I’m still a student at that.  

Which city will you return to?

I’m a bit skeptical about cities because I am in cities so often that I find that I miss the nature between them more than the cities themselves. To be honest, the more I’m on tour, the more they feel the same. I’m in Madrid today, which is a fantastic city, but I still don’t feel the need to go out and explore.

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