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Park Hyatt Shanghai.
Park Hyatt Shanghai.


Nicklas Hultman’s Shanghai

Swedish artist Nicklas Hultman share his best tips for exploring Shanghai.

Nicklas Hultman. Photo: Chad IngrahamAs a graphic designer working seven time zones ahead of his company’s office in Gothenburg, Swedish artist Nicklas Hultman takes advantage of the many hours he does not have to spend in windowless, overheated conference rooms to explore Shanghai.

Park Hyatt

“Another place for an early evening drink-with-a-view is the 92nd floor bar at the Park Hyatt Shanghai. If you go in late afternoon you can watch the city transform from a skyscraper forest to a blanket of pulsing lights.”


Yuz Museum

“Shanghai’s brand new Yuz Museum is the best museum I have been to. It’s a great space, and there are some impressive sculptures in the collection. I also recommend the Long Museum in the West Bund Culture Corridor.”


Jing An Kerry Center

“In warm weather I’d recommend a visit to the fountain outside Jing An Kerry Center. In daytime it’s filled with people playing and jumping, trying not to get wet, and at night it’s lit up and is one of these places where it’s impossible to be sad. It turns adults into children.”


From left: Power station of art, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium and Caojiadu Flower Market.

Power Station of Art

“A gallery with constantly changing exhibitions, but also 
a great place for a late afternoon drink-with-
a-view at the roof-top bar.”


Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

“I like the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, because the jellyfish room is amazing – great backgrounds for selfies – and there’s an underwater tunnel that takes you through different seascapes.”


Caojiadu Flower Market

“Since my art involves quite a lot of work with flowers, I take visitors to the Caojiadu Flower Market. You might not think a flower market can hold much of interest, but at Caojiadu there are all the flowers you can possibly think of. It’s like walking into a dream of color and shape. And it’s all very cheap.”

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