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Our readers’ questions to Marcus & Martinus

The Norwegian pop phenomenon answers the questions asked by you – the readers of Scandinavian Traveler.

Do you see a future where you will always appear on stage together?
– Linda
Marcus: Yes, always. Together forever! It’s always fun to be on stage and even more fun to be together. We couldn’t imagine being on stage separately.

What do you do when you fly and where would you most like to visit and why?
– Sofie
Martinus: When we fly, I always listen to music. I love listening to all kinds of music. Sometimes we play multiplayer games together, that’s great fun.
Marcus: With Airplane Mode on.
Martinus: Obviously, of course. If we fly with SAS, maybe we can fly to Paris? I’ve never been there.

When will your next song be out?
– Hilma
Martinus: We don’t really know that yet, but stay tuned, you never know! But I know it will be a really good song, so I’m very excited to show you guys. So yeah, it’s gonna be fun.

What is a fun summer holiday destination in Scandinavia that not many tourists know about?
– David
Marcus: I know a pretty good one, in our hometown. When we have time off, I love being home doing nothing but playing football with my brother and with friends.
Martinus: A lot of people maybe don’t know about this camping place in Östersund in Sweden. That’s a really nice place where we’ve been many times. It’s beautiful, you should go there.

Are you going to do a North American tour, or Asia?
– Ole Martin
Marcus: Oh, that would be really cool! We really want to do it, it would be a dream come true, so we hope so.

What was your most embarrassing flying experience, your best?
Marcus: We flew with SAS when we were on tour with our band and the crew was also with us and we played multiplayer games. That was really fun.
Martinus: You could hear all the way at the back of the plane: “Nooo!” when someone missed. We’ve got a bodyguard named Isak who hates being filmed. It was great fun when we all sang “Happy Birthday” to him at the airport.

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