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Scandinavians to watch in 2020

From Leif Erikson and Astrid Lindgren to A-ha and Søren Kierkegaard, Scandinavians have helped shape the world we live in. Here are eight Scandinavians we expect big things of as we turn the corner to the 20s.

Frida Ronge – Culinary director

Frida Ronge is the culinary director at the Tak and Unn restaurants in Stockholm and a winner of the White Guide Rising Star of the Year award. We can expect that by definition her star will rise even higher in 2020 (and beyond). 


Erling Kagge – Entrepreneur

Norwegian explorer, lawyer, 
art collector, entrepreneur, politician, author and publisher. And a walker. Kagge’s latest book, Walking, is a manifesto for putting one foot in front of the other and slowing things down a bit. And what that does to your creativity. (Spoiler alert – it does wonders!)


Jacob Mühlrad – Composer

He has had his work performed at Carnegie Hall in New York and at the National Portrait Gallery in London. His recent debut album, consisting of pieces for a choir, is likely to inspire new audiences. 


Margrethe Vestager – Politician

The European Commission’s executive vice president for digital concerns, is not going to let tech companies do whatever they want. She’s in charge of overseeing how the EU regulates the digital world – the one we all spend more and more of our time in. 


Anders Lendager – Architect

Architect Anders Lendager is the founder of the Lendager Group, which is trying to change the way we build our cities. For example, its architects designed the Ørestad area of Copenhagen from upcycled materials, including using 17,577 tonnes of waste.


Runa Sandvik – Computer security expert 

Until recently she was a former hacker turned New York Times senior director of information security, helping the newspaper protect its reporters and their sources. Having been unceremoniously let go in late 2019, Sandvik, who interviewed Edward Snowden in 2014, is bound to make a splash in 2020.


Anders Hansen – Psychiatrist 

Psychiatrist and MD, MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics and author of the best-selling book The Real Happy Pill, on the importance of physical exercise and how it can improve your memory and prevent dementia. 


Notail – Gamer

What YouTubers like PewDiePie were to the 2010s, newcomers like N0tail are to the 2020s. N0tail is the artist name of Johan Sundstein, who tops the e-sports earnings list. The 25-year-old Dane has amassed $6.9m in his career at gaming events. 

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