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Tina went to Barcelona for a weekend off and loved it. Photo: Shutterstock
Tina went to Barcelona for a weekend off and loved it. Photo: Shutterstock


Taekwondo fighter Tina Røe Skaar’s world

Skaar has traveled the world with her sport to compete in events and chase her goals. Here are her favorite places.

Luxor, Egypt

Culture shock and desert city in a totally different way from Vegas. Everyone walks barefoot, camels and emaciated horses everywhere, not many cars. The Valley of the Kings is also there, so I was pleased we had the chance to visit it.

Las Vegas. Photo: Shutterstock

Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Been there twice. Mostly for fun the first time with the desert city, the Strip, and the whole lifestyle. The second time was pretty unfortunate, as we never had time to experience the city.  But it was an experience – Vegas is Vegas, after all.

Gwangju, South Korea

It was the University Games last year, and I had thought it would be very like China, but it was totally different. Much more Western. I tried loads of different dishes, I love Asian food and trying new things.

Beijing, China

Beijing, China. Photo: ShutterstockWe stayed in the university student village for all athletes. China is extremely good at sports, with wonderful young talents, and it was a very serious event. It was fascinating to see all the differences there were. Plus it was great fun to see what there was after the last Olympics.

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Barcelona, Spain    

One of the cities I haven’t been to for training. Visited the Camp Nou stadium because my partner is a Barcelona fan. A wonderful, sophisticated city with a really good feeling – maybe mostly because I went there with my partner and it was a genuine holiday. In our sport, we rarely get a weekend off.

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Skaar’s dream travel destinations


“I have one great wish and that’s to go to Japan – to see Tokyo for myself, but ideally I’d like to take the train across Japan to see Okinawa and various different cultures and places. I haven’t had the chance to go there yet, but it was something I dreamed of when I was ill. When I was ill I read a lot of Japanese manga, became interested in the language, and bought a language course. For me Tokyo feels like a city that knocks you out, in a positive way.”

The Maldives

“I can very well imagine a place with bungalows, crystal clear water, and sun. Either the Maldives or Bora Bora, or somewhere similar – a proper holiday far away from hectic city life. As our sport isn’t seasonal like skiing or soccer, we can hold competitions all year round. We chose to go on holiday before Christmas, but this year we had our Christmas holiday in November as we had the qualifiers in January. We usually have two weeks off in summer.”

Shark safari

“It might sound a bit corny, but I’d love to go on a shark safari. One of my dreams is to gain a diver’s license. I often spend more time under than over the water in summer.”

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