Kristensen want to experience the beaches in Hawaii. Photo: Shutterstock
Kristensen want to experience the beaches in Hawaii. Photo: Shutterstock


The world of Crime writer Monica Kristensen

Crime writer and former polar explorer Monica Kristensen has a deep connection to Norway’s Svalbard Archipelago in the Arctic. But she is not averse to getting some sun.

Favorite place: Svalbard

When I chose to go to Svalbard in my youth, rather than continue at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, my whole life changed.Monica Kristensen. Photo: Geir Dokken

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Favorite hotel: Camelot Castle Hotel, Tintagel, Cornwall, England

Check out the location and the ­pictures and you’ll understand why.


Favorite places: California

I’ve been there before, but I want to travel the wonderful route from San Diego to Canada with my family. Other favorite places are Østerdalen, Finnmarksvidda, Troms, and Nordland.

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Favorite city: Cambridge, UK

Oxford’s not so bad either. But I also like lots of other cities throughout the United Kingdom, from Banff in northern Scotland to Glastonbury and Bath in the south.

Favorite island: Corsica

It has everything from glaciers to beautiful beaches.

Favorite beach: Hawaii

I want to go to Hawaii to see the grave and the home of ­pilot Charles Lindberg in Kipahulu. But I also want to experience the beaches.

On the bucket list: Uluru, Australia

I’ve been to Australia, but I dream of seeing Uluru – the red rock in the desert.

By Kristin M. Hauge 

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