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3 places you should visit in Brixton

The cultural rich Brixton is a must visit when you're in London. Here's 3 places to visit when you're there.


Do some soul-searching

Former DJ Claudia Wilson designed her record shop as a place where vinyl enthusiasts and young converts can talk reggae, disco and the latest hip-hop. Recently relocated to the restored Bon Marché building – now simply called The Department Store – it offers plenty of listening stations and the odd rare find.

Pure Vinyl Records

246 Ferndale Road, Brixton

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Bang your head

This Brixton Hill side street is quiet, but the pub at the end is not. Over decades it’s become one of the wildest live-music venues in the area, if not in all of London. On weekends, gear up for a late night. But first, peek in at the actual Brixton Windmill, built 200 years ago in the park across the road.

The Brixton Windmill

22 Blenheim Gardens, Brixton

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Give back to the community

London’s only other legal tender, the Brixton Pound, can be sourced, spent and donated at this eponymous café, located on the front line of the 1981 riots. Locals – including Zac Monro – set it up as a social initiative with a pay-what-you-can policy, vegetarian menu and schedule of free events.

Brixton Pound Café

77 Atlantic Road, Brixton

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