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6 great reasons to visit Scandinavia’s largest skiing area

From winter 2019, SAS is offering direct flights to the newly opened Scandinavian Mountains Airport. Welcome to Scandinavia’s largest skiing area: Sälen and Trysil. And you'll find far more than just skiing here. From surfing to dog sleds and first class après ski, we’ve put together a list of why you should add these areas to your winter bucket list.

Powder skiing in Trysil. Photo: Skistar

When Scandinavia’s evergreen forests are clad in winter white snow, it’s time to head to the ski resorts of Sälen and Trysil. 

Together, the areas make up Scandinavia’s largest ski resort with over 250 runs, 157 lifts and over 350km of cross country trails. Sälen, whose seven different ski areas together comprise 82km on the Swedish side of the border with Norway. Close by, on the Norwegian side, Trysil boasts 71km of pistes. It’s a dream destination for anyone with skiing close to their heart.

The first skiing area is no more than 30 minutes by car from Scandinavian Mountains Airport. 

Sounds appealing? If you then add in the over 75 restaurants, including eight nominated in the highly regarded restaurant guide, the Nordic White Guide.

Maybe dog sledding and other exciting winter adventures in billowing snow are more your thing? Or why not get a head start on a surfboard in the heated indoor pool to ensure you’ll be in peak condition for the start of the summer season? 

There are plenty of reasons to go to Sälen and Trysil. We list 6 of the best here:

Photo: Skistar

First class skiing in Sweden and Norway

Naturally, most people come here for the skiing, both Alpine and cross country. Here you’ll find seven skiing areas (Lindvallen, Högfjället, Hundfjället, Tandådalen, Kläppen, Stöten and Trysil) that offer visitors first class skiing from early winter to late spring. The skiing is all-round here in Scandinavia’s largest skiing area. If you come here at the start of the season, you can be confident of action as the areas are pretty much guaranteed snow as the snowmaking starts early in the year. During the peak season, skiers can look forward to feather light powder snow that can be up to a meter deep. If you prefer sun and warmth, you should aim for spring as the ski season stretches all the way into April here. Professionals can be challenged on steep pistes while beginners have a choice of several gentle slopes that will give them confidence. The longest piste is in Trysil that stretches 5.4km with a drop of 685m. If you fancy a real challenge, you should head to Väggen at Hundfjället that has a 45-degree gradient, the second steepest in Sweden. There are also three popular snow parks here, including Kläppen, considered to be one of the best in Europe. The area boasts 153km of pistes in total. If you wish, you can visit all the areas during a stay as they are pretty close to each other. Kläppen and Trysil are furthest apart, but it’s only a 90-minute between them.

Bonus tip: Find out which ski area in Sälen will suit you best. 


Photo: Sälens Högfjällshotell

Europe’s biggest indoor après ski

Visiting an après ski venue in Sälen is a must, even if you’ve not been out on the slopes. The biggest and most famous is probably the indoor après ski facility in Högfjällshotellet. During peak season, it’s après ski every day of the week in a venue that can host up to 2,000 guests. When full, it’s the largest indoor après ski venue in Europe. During family weeks, the tempo is more relaxed and child friendly, such as during Swedish school half-term holiday, Christmas and Easter.

Sälens Högfjällshotell

Fjällvägen Riksväg 66, Sälen

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Plenty of indoor activities at Experium

If you haven’t come here for the skiing in particular, Sälen has plenty of other activities to offer. At Experium in Lindvallen, there’s bowling, a movie theater and shopping. If you want to do some exercise, there’s a fully equipped gym and a large pool with water chutes, sauna, waves and indoor surfing. Why not round off the day with a massage in the spa complex?


Hemfjällsvägen 24, Sälen

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Go dog sledding in the mountains

You glide forwards, silently and peacefully, warmly wrapped in blankets on the sled. Ahead of you, keen and happy dogs pull the sled. Or maybe you’d like to stand at the back and drive the sled yourself? It’s so easy, anyone can learn. After a quick lesson, you’ll be on your way into the spectacular forest. Out in the forest surrounded by silence, you come to a stop, light a campfire, drink coffee and pet the dogs. Then, you’re off again, down steep slopes and up hills. Or you can camp overnight in the forest, snuggled in a warm sleeping bag in a tent, sleeping under a clear, star filled sky.

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Large choice of first class restaurants

A crunchy waffle topped with jam and cream is a genuine classic in the mountains. Accompanied by a steaming cup of hot chocolate, you’ve got a winning combination after a long day out in the cold. However, the 75 or so restaurants in the area offer much more than just this. They serve the best Scandinavia has to offer as many restaurants take their inspiration and source their ingredients from the local area. Which perhaps explains why eight of them feature of the list of the best restaurants in Sweden named in the White Guide. Specialties such as elk and reindeer often feature on the menu. You’ll also find local fish such as perch and salmon, caught in local lakes and rivers close to the bushes where the summer berries are picked. Many restaurants here focus on classical Italian, American and French cuisine. So, whether you fancy pizza, pasta, BBQ, burgers, fish or a shellfish platter, there’s a restaurant you’ll love in Sälen.

Photo: Shutterstock

Motorized adventure in the winter landscape

Imagine gliding across a snow covered landscape at thrilling speeds, as though on skis but without the effort. There are over 40km of scooter trails here that you can experience as soon as the first snow has settled on the ground. From high mountains to exciting ravines and broad marshes. You can take a guided tour or go solo and experience the nature and tranquility by yourself. Children can also have a go driving a mini scooter on a safe and fun mini scooter track. You can even challenge your friends to an ice karting race. This crazy and fun activity will reveal which of you is best at handling a fast engine on a slippery winter surface.

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