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6 refugee-led tours around the globe

Berlin may be the trailblazer, but plenty of other cities have adopted the idea of offering refugee-led city tours.


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Like Berlin, Vienna has tours led by refugees. Be aware that these tours are in German only. The organization also arranges tours led by homeless people, for which you can book an 
English-speaking guide.

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In Amsterdam you can take a canal boat ride with tour guides from Somalia, Syria, Eritrea, Egypt and the Netherlands. The boats themselves have previously been used to transport refugees across the Mediterranean.


This tour takes you right through the Al Am’ari refugee camp in Palestine. The ticket price also includes a cup of tea with a family.

Sao Paolo

People from all over the world have been drawn to come and live in Sao Paolo. Here, refugees explain what exactly drew them to the city.

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In Glasgow, women with a refugee background provide city tours. Tickets are available on a very sporadic basis. Keep an eye on the website or e-mail a booking request.


The majority of Syrian refugees fled to Turkey. Over a traditional Syrian dinner, refugees talk about their journeys. Volunteer workers from different countries explain what drives them to help.

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