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Photo: Pär Olsson
Photo: Pär Olsson


8 Mallorcan coves not to miss when sailing

Discover these 8 Mallorcan coves when sailing in the beautiful area.

Cala Mondrago

Cala Mondrago is a bay with three fine sandy beaches that form part of the Mondrago National Park in an area that is relatively undiscovered, far from the charter tourist destinations of Magaluf and Alcúdia. Even so, it is by no means deserted. Along the cliffs above the coastline, you can spot hiking tourists and families with young children equipped with beach balls and umbrellas.

Cala d’Or

When entering Cala d’Or in the south of Mallorca you pass large yachts and a quayside packed with fish restaurants and beach stores. Along the beach, fancy white villas rub shoulders with brightly painted houses where laundry is hanging out to dry between the windows.

Porto Colom

The largest natural harbor on Mallorca.

Porto Cristo

It’s easy to anchor at this natural harbor. Check out the spectacular Cuevas del Drach underground caves that contain one of the largest subterranean lakes in the world. The new marina gets regular visits from both traditional fishing boats and high-end sailboats.

Isla Cabrera

The entire island is a nature reserve and only a limited number of boats are allowed in every day. Book a spot in advance.

Las Illetas

A cove close to Palma with numerous private bathing spots. You can get there easily by bus from central Palma.

Cala Sa Nau

If you’re looking for a sandy beach surrounded by low cliffs and pine forests, this S-shaped cove is for you.

Cala Barcas

A secluded cove close to the Mondragó Natural Park where you can climb to caves and cliffs straight from the water.

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