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Visit Gotland in winter time.
Visit Gotland in winter time.


8 things to do in Gotland off season

Escape the chill while discovering cosiness and community spirit.


Most of the classic cafés on the island close for the winter, but cozy Berså, south of Visby, stays open. Enjoy home-baked delights in the old Baptist chapel and explore the small gift shop.

Tofta Licksarve 102, South of Visby

Cantina y casitas

Last year’s hottest new restaurant serves Mexican fast food in simple surroundings with a cozy atmosphere. Star chef Filip Fastén’s favorite restaurant.

Gothem Magnuse 278, Slite

Katthammarsviks rökeri

Katthammarsviks rökeri is a genuine, classic seafood restaurant with ever-popular fish stews and herring on the menu. The homemade aioli is a must at the fish counter.

Katthammarsvik harbor

Elsies Café

Next door to the famous Kutens gas station on Fårö is the ultra-kitsch Elsie’s Café, replete with plastic flowers and mismatched furniture. It’s one of the few places on Fårö that is open in the winter.

Friggars 1119, Broskogs, Fårö


Skulpturfabriken. Photo: Skulpturfabriken

Home to Stina Lindholm and her inspirational sculpture workshop. The large gift shop here is packed with beautiful pieces. Shop and enjoy a cup of delicious coffee.

Boge Pilgårds 220, Slite


Few places offer such a voyage of discovery as at the Fenomenalen science center in Visby, where both children and adults can have fun when the weather forces people indoors.

Skeppsbron 4, Visby

Ett Rum för Resande

Ett Rum för Resande isn’t much more than a hole in the wall, but Zadok serves the best pasta in Visby, more wholesome than fine dining.

S:t Hansgatan 15, Visby


Furillen. Photo: DesignHotels

Every fashion photographer worth his or her salt has done a fall fashion shoot here. Forgetting to bring your camera would be a deadly sin. A moon-like landscape surrounds an environmentally-friendly boutique hotel.

Northeast Gotland

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