A fishing guide to Norway

If fishing’s your thing, Norway is an easy place to get hooked. Tromsø and Bergen are both great destinations for a great catch and a visit that offers far more besides. In Bergen you don’t even need to leave the shore.

A fishing trip on ­ T.S.M.Y. Weller

This charming boat was built in 1947 for the Royal Navy and used as a supply vessel transporting passengers and goods to and from the lighthouses along the North Sea coast. The original old English fittings are still intact and today, skipper Inge Hatlebrekke brings tourists and fishing enthusiasts to the archipelago outside Bergen on a four-hour fishing trip. Rod and reel fishing is available and landing a catch is almost guaranteed. Departure from Bryggen city center and booking can be made in advance or purchased on the same day at the tourist information office.

T.S.M.Y. Weller

Nordre Steinestø 5, Hordvik

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Back to basics at Glesvær

Behind the old, sea-swept boathouses in the charming fishing village of Glesvær in the southern part of Sotra, Thomas Krøslin from Germany has just returned from a fishing trip.He’s far from alone – the place ­attracts enthusiasts both locally and from abroad, because the ­chance of landing fish both at sea and from shore is almost guaranteed. If you don’t have a lot of experience, put yourself in the ­capable hands of sea ­captain Kjell Håkon Evensen at Sotra Rorbu. He organizes sea fishing trips in his open, wooden boat for up to six people.


Go native in Austevoll

“People in Austevoll never fish from shore, they all go out on boats and fish with nets,” says Håvard Kleppe, a native fisherman himself. When he’s not working on a boat, he’s one of the few professionals used by Bekkjarvik Guesthouse to take guests fishing.The municipality of Austevoll consists of more than 600 ­islands, islets and skerries. The larger islands are all connected by bridges, but you have to go by boat from the mainland. The fishing is amazing and there’s plenty of pollock, cod, mackerel, monkfish and cusk. Marstein. Fyr near Bakkesund in northern Austevoll is particularly popular for its abundance of fish.


You don’t have to leave the city center to test your fishing fortune. Pay a visit to specialist store Campelen at Bryggen ­before setting off. Lars Ivar Dale has plenty of handy tips for places around the city center that he dubs “street fishing.”Walk along the harbor from Bontelabo to the Nordnes ­Peninsula and you’re bound to meet plenty of fishing enthusiasts en route. Haukelands­vannet and Grimenvatnet are both popular places where you can land trout, pike, perch and char. Closer to town you’ll find ­Nordåsvannet, an inlet that ­offers a variety of fishing opportunities, for trout, salmon, ­mackerel, pollock and whiting.

Luxury fishing

As well as running his popular seafood restaurant Cornelius, Alf Roald Sætre also takes guests out on fishing trips on his luxurious 60ft yacht. His company, Top the Fjords, specializes in tailor-made trips to the fjords as well as open sea fishing. Whether you fancy a three-day trip with your own personal chef on board, or simply a day trip, this is a great option.

Top the Fjords

Håkonshellaveien 227A, Mathopen

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River deep, mountain high at Voss

Just over an hour on the train from central Bergen is Voss, a popular ski resort in winter and exceptional hiking destination in summer. Small ­forest lakes and plenty of rivers make it a great freshwater fishing destination. If you purchase the “Vossakort,” you can fish for trout and char in nearly all of Voss’ 500 lakes and rivers.


Shore-footed in Øygarden

If you head north towards Øygarden at Sotra, you’ll find ample fishing opportunities from shore. The many inlets make it a hot spot for fishing and you’ll see locals fishing underneath the many bridges where currents are strong. A popular place is the bridge at Rongesundet. It can get crowded at times as the chances of landing cod or pollock are high, but if you walk a bit farther along the inlet you’ll find plenty of other beautiful ­places to fish.

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