Dragør Søbad. Photo: Dragør Turistråd
Dragør Søbad. Photo: Dragør Turistråd


A summer day in Dragør

Dragør’s charming streets, flowering lilacs and pretty houses are just 6km from Copenhagen Airport. Here’s a few recommendations for spending a summer day in Dragør outdoors and inside.

Beach life

To the south of the harbor is the “marble beach”, a very child-friendly beach with fine sand and shallow water. If you’re looking for deeper water for a proper swim, we suggest you head to Dragør Søbad, a beautiful public swimming pool. It’s divided into male and female sections, so you can relax without worrying about covering up. They also have yoga sessions on Sunday mornings for a modest charge. 

Batterivej 15, Dragør

Photo: Dragør Turistråd

Great ice cream

Nam Nam Is is based in a wonderful old house by the beach where they make their own waffles (you can watch them in action through the window), whip their own cream and serve superb organic ice cream from Hansen Is.

Strandlinien 51, Dragør

Delicious dining

Beghuset in the wonderful old Borgerforening building has been serving superb Franco-Danish cuisine since 1990. Atmospheric restaurant, superb service and guaranteed great food. Open for a la carte Wed-Sat from 5pm. Advance booking recommended.

Strandgade 14, Dragør

The fort. Photo: Dragør Turistråd

The Fort

Dragør Fort was built between 1910 and 1914 to defend Copenhagen against seaborne enemy bombardment. The military site is now a recreation area with piers, beach and marina, restaurant and hotel. 


The museum Amagermuseet. Photo: Dragør Turistråd.


Immerse yourself in Dragør’s history at the local museums. At Amagermuseet you can learn more about the Dutch immigrants and how they helped shape the cultural history of Amager. Dragørmuseet, which is based in a half-timbered building dating from 1751 in the harbor, tells the story of Dragør's maritime history, as does Lodsmuseet, also by the harbor, which focuses on the 300-year history of harbor pilots in Dragør. You can also see the cutter Elisabeth in the harbor, which smuggled Danish Jews across Øresund to Sweden in October 1943. 

Dragør Museum
Havnepladsen, Strandlinien 4, Dragør

Hovedgaden 4, St. Magleby, Dragør

Dragør Gl. Havn 11, Dragør


Dragør Bio has been screening movies since 1928. Photo: Dragør Turistråd.

Dragør Bio Movie Theater

Like pretty much everything in Dragør, the town movie theater oozes charm. This local pearl has been screening movies since 1928 and is run by volunteers. They present a diverse program, including the latest movies. The theater can seat 143 film buffs and there’s a delightful little café there, too. Children’s movies are shown on Sunday afternoons.

Jan Tiemans Plads 1, Dragør

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