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Art in Miami

Over the past decade, Miami has become one of the world’s hottest art ­destinations. With over 70 galleries in one district alone, it’s an art lover’s paradise.

It all began when an offshoot of the world’s biggest art fair, Art Basel, opened at South Beach in 2002. The main aim was to save the major American collectors having to travel to Switzerland. But the European gallery owners weren’t opposed to escaping the winter weather at home either, so it was a case of killing two birds with one stone – success was guaranteed.

Locating the fair at South Beach created an event where collectors could walk straight in from the beach in their flip-flops and buy a Picasso for SKr15 million. After a few years, this attractive concept was expanded with a series of glamorous opening parties designed to bring in celebrities. The fair really hit the headlines in 2006 when Paris Hilton was found lying in an elevator at the Delano hotel.

The opening of museums by some of Florida’s most influential art collectors, including Mera Rubell, in the city’s rundown center also bolstered Miami’s burgeoning art scene. Today, you can’t go far in Miami without encountering some great contemporary art, exemplified by the fact that the city’s new design district has both a giant sculpture by Xavier Veilhan and an installation by Zaha Hadid.

Text: Dennis Dahlqvist 

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