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Nedergade, one of the oldest streets in Odense. Photo: visitodense
Nedergade, one of the oldest streets in Odense. Photo: visitodense


Bo & Mikkel's personal favorite places in Odense

Bo Jessen and Mikkel West are some of the creators of online guide This Is Odense. Here are some of their favourite places in the city.

The city’s backyards

The backyard of Bymuseet. Photo: visitodense

The people of Odense no longer notice the backyards and alleyways around their city. Odense is a medieval town with narrow alleys and openings that are characteristic of the city and which you won’t find to a similar extent anywhere else in Denmark. They have a special charm all of their own.

Nordatlantisk Hus

Nordatlantisk Hus and the giant fish. Photo: visitodense

You get real value for money at Nordatlantisk Hus by the harbor. A superb lunch and award winning architecture.

Nordatlantisk Promenade 1

The Giant Fish

When you’re by the harbor, check out the silo with ROA's giant street art fish. 

The City Bridge

Because it’s of architectural interest and shows the city from an angle never seen before. The view of the harbor, the surrounding area, new perspectives.

Nørregade district

Gastroteket in Nørregade. Photo: Gastroteket

Cute streets, specialist stores, Gastroteket and Chokoladehuset, where you can buy hand made gourmet chocolate.

Café Fleuri, Nørregade 28

Gastroteket, Nørregade 39

Odense Chokoladehus, Nørregade 32

Teater Momentum

Momentum. Photo: Lise Hannibal

Perhaps the most ambitious theater in Denmark that’s seemingly always sold out. 

Ny Vestergade 18

Read more of This Is Odense in the brand new guide here.


Text: Lise Hannibal

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