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Casper's favorite places in the world

Tennis has taken Casper Ruud all over the world. Here are half a ­dozen of his favorite places.

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This is mostly because I have played very good tennis there, but I also think it’s a wonderful country with laid-back, lovely people. Its natural surroundings remind you a bit of Norway at times, which can be good for me as I don’t get to go home too often these days.

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A fun and technological country. Extremely pleasant people, and a culture that is totally different from Norway’s. Many exciting buildings, restaurants and things to do. Plus, you feel really safe walking around.

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Buenos Aires

I have spent quite a lot of time in Latin America in recent years, and I must say Buenos Aires is my favorite city there. Plenty of historic buildings, though you still feel you’re in a big, modern city. The food is also really good – especially the beef.

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Fantastic Spanish island, where there are loads of things to do and the weather is usually very good. I’ve been there mostly for tennis, but the clubs and facilities are wonderful.

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Haven’t visited there very much, but it’s been incredibly good the times I’ve been. There are so many fun things to do, and the weather is almost always mild. Americans are always easy to talk to – and there’s some very good food in the US.

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I visited one summer and it was beautiful. If the weather’s good, it’s great to see the Midnight Sun. Otherwise, there are loads of incredible activities – walks in the mountains, surfing on the beaches or climbing Svolværgeita and then jumping between the pinnacles of its Goat’s Horns – if you dare.

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I don't have a favorite city in Italy, I just think it's a great country with happy and hospitable people. Having spent a lot of time along the coast, I can understand why this is a popular holiday destination. The Italians also have a pretty good idea of how to make delicious pasta and pizza, LOL.

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