Acrobats of China. Photo: Mattias Bardå
Acrobats of China. Photo: Mattias Bardå


Circuses worth traveling to see

The circus has been around for centuries, and the modern circus is still going strong after more than150 years. Next time you’re traveling, keep an eye out for a circus in town. Here are some circuses that are worth traveling to see.

Resident circuses

New Shanghai Circus, Shanghai

As the new Shanghai Circus’s other name, Acrobats of China, suggests, the show focuses on breathtaking acrobatic skills. However, you don’t travel to Shanghai to see them, but to Branson, Missouri, in the United States, where they have been based since 1998.


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Bolshoi Circus, Moscow

The Bolshoi Circus is the name of the show and of the 3,400-seat arena at Vernadsky Prospekt in Moscow. It’s one of the biggest non-touring circuses in the world, mostly famous for acrobats, but its shows feature some animals as well.


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Touring circuses

Cirque du Soleil

The 21st century circus takes the phenomenon to new heights, to the point where it’s Circus 2.0. They combine pop culture with dance and acrobatics to create a magical world. Permanent shows in Las Vegas, Florida and Mexico, and a half-dozen shows touring the world.


Circus Vargas

One of the world’s biggest ­traveling circuses using a big top tent tours mostly in the western United States. They have everything, from thrilling death-defying tricks to ­trapeze artists to magicians to clowns.


Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione de Paris

The famous Bouglione brothers’ circus has two shows, one that tours and one at the 19th-century Paris theatre at 110 Rue Amelot since 1934. An added bonus for the touring show, “Bravo”, is that you can see Don Christian there until mid 2016.


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By Risto Pakarinen

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