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Photo: Ernst Furuhatt


Coffee and art in Bodø

If you are in Bodø, there are several opportunities for enjoying a real art break. You will find art both indoors and out on the street.

Street Art Walk in Bodø

The walls of houses in Bodø have been adorned by works of art produced by several international artists in recent years. One of the most recent is Martin Whatson’s mural from May 2018. But it’s well worth taking in some of the other works if you find yourself in town. For example, “Golden Eagle” by Belgian artist Dzia covers an entire end wall at Hundholmen plass. Another work, “A Kiss Between Cultures”, produced by Animalito and located at Strandata 6 gives a hint of the age-old conflict between the Sami people and Norwegians. A digital map has now been developed showing where the various works can be seen, providing a full overview of Bodø’s outdoor gallery.

Street Art Walk Bodø

Get a coffee at the new café Samvirkelaget in Bodø. Photo: Nadia Norskott


Recently opened, Samvirkelaget serves coffee and vegetarian food in a delightful setting. But it’s not really new, the place itself is actually around 60 years old. Cicilie Schjølberg, Nadia Norskott and Ylva Mazetti have given it a loving and stylish overhaul. They have put together a good mix of their own contemporary designs and well-known design classics, such as the iconic Wegner chairs. All the wooden tables have been designed in-house and produced by local joiner Aage Iversen. But the cafe is much more than just a delightful exterior. As the cafe was refurbished by Coop Nordland, they decided to bring in employees who deserved a new start in their working lives. They launched Project S without announcing that they were going to open a new cafe.The founders encouraged young people who believed that they did not fit into the traditional school model or who, for one reason or another, had a hole in their CV, to apply. The response was overwhelming and, out of 80 applicants, 40 went through to the interview stage. Today, 14 of them, aged 18-32, are the heart and soul of the cafe.

Storgata 48, Bodø

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Galleri Noua in Bodø. Photo: Nadia Norskott

Aterlier Noua

Photographers Marianne Bjørnmyr and Dan Mariner started Atelier Noua in Bodø in 2017. The studio houses a production facility, research rooms, offices and dark rooms. The idea is to create an arena for local and international artists, the build an art book library and to hold lectures and other talks.Noua’s goal is to promote debate and innovation concerning photography as contemporary art, and to create greater interest in photography and its value.

Aterlier Noua

Storgata 56, 8006 Bodø

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